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Spiritual Alchemy
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 Unlocking the Creative Genius of the Soul   
An Advanced Master Series Program

Picture your soul as a medieval alchemist in the flickering chambers of the mind. Ideas bubble inside in an intoxicating, pleasant and enticing steam. Thoughts swirl effortlessly and free of the limitations of the past in the inner reaches of the mind. In your heart, the center of your being, there is a vessel that holds within the tools of living an alchemical life. There is joy, excitement and passion each making it possible for you to live a meaningful and purposeful life. There is an air of wizardry about you as well as a sense of earthliness.

However, your desire is to not waste your energies on transforming what you have no control over. Your desire is much more incredible. It’s to unlock the wisdom you hold inside so the creative genius of your soul can find expression. With this creative genius guiding your thoughts and actions, you are able to perform miraculous transmutations. You can experience the infinite energy that is the seed crystal for manifestation. You can transform your mind into the immortal powerhouse of creativity. You can experience the magic of living an enlightened creative life.

Topics that will be discussed are:
  • The myths of creativity
  • How the genius mind works
  • Why it works as it does
  • The way creative techniques and talents will appear
  • The role the creative process plays in spiritual enlightenment
  • Wholeness and truth, the keys to the creativity kingdom
Are you ready to release your inner potential and create the life you have been dreaming of living, doing what you desire and manifesting what fills your being with infinite passion? If so, you will definitely want to attend this class. Unlocking the Creative Genius of the Soul will be rich with experiences designed to teach you how you to become the alchemist of your future.

Future dates and locations to be announced
Integrating Esoteric Wisdom with Scientific Knowledge

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