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Spiritual Alchemy
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 The Sacred Self   
The Mystical Self
The Journey, The Expression, The Work
An Advanced Master Series Program

Who are we really? What is the Sacred Self? Where do we find it in our being? How will we recognize it when we do find it? What is the work of the Sacred Self? What are sacred agreements and pre-birth agreements and what purpose do they serve? Why is it that those who grace this earth have chosen this time to do so?

Deep within the heavens, millions of years ago, the Self of all of life formed within the belly of the universe. This Self, while individualized in its form and work, was intrinsically connected by an unspoken universal directive. This directive would provide the guidance the Self needed as it navigated its way through its earthly journeys and would serve as the attractant of its experiences. Over the course of time, this Self in its earthly incarnations, was shifted from energy into matter. Its thinking and focus was rearranged and as a result it lost sight of who it really was and the work it came into being to do.

However, one day, seemingly no different from any other, something happened. This Self found itself looking at the exterior of its being, but rather than being blinded by the distractions of life it was shocked and saddened at what it saw. Its exterior had become hard and rough and had lost its brilliance. It was covered with the debris of its humanness. Yet, something inside said, “Fear not. Study yourself, observe your thoughts and actions, and recall all that you have learned over the course of your many lifetimes.” Then this inner voice said, “Hold yourself up to the light of the universe and you will see your own inner brilliance.” Doing so, the Self looked to the heavens and held itself high, and when it did, something changed. Something deep inside glistened and a prism of rainbow colors filled the hollowness of its being. The inner voice then said, “Remember the journey. Remember the expression. Remember the work.”

Tools in hand, the Self patiently and meticulously, chipped away the dark matrix surrounding its inner being. Finally, in one decisive crack, two small pieces of itself rolled to the surface. Selecting one of the pieces, the Self held the piece toward the light of the universe and gasped as it saw its many facets—facets that caused the refracted light to dart to and fro, creating a dancing of colors that made the heart of the Self feel free from its earthly debris.

This Self became known as the Philosopher’s Stone or The Sacred Self. And, over the course of time, it has become revered for its strength and its unconquerable nature, and also for its gentle and compassionate teacher and healer.

On your journey through this class, you’ll touch the Sacred Self and learn about the many facets of its reflection. You’ll discover:
  • What the Sacred Self is and how to recognize its influence in your daily life
  • The tools and techniques that will allow your Sacred Self to come fully into expression
  • The work of your Sacred Self
  • The role of sacred agreements and pre-birth agreements
  • How to increase your capacity for joy
  • How to allow the universal light to transform your lessons
This class includes lecture, experiential activities, meditation, and ritual all designed to help you connect deeply with your Sacred Self so you can find your path, and live your life fully in the present, freeing yourself from the past and uncovering your inner brilliance.

Future dates and locations to be announced
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