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Spiritual Alchemy
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 Spiritual Alchemy...Science of the Soul   
Spiritual Alchemy...Science of the Soul
"The advanced studies of the Twelve-Gate Mystery School teach the science and art of spiritual alchemy and explain the relationship between being human, the soul, the spirit, the Divine Force, and the Universe. They reveal the story of creation, evolution, eternal life, death and re-birth and provide within their sacredness the alchemical journey of the soul."
- Carol Ritberger, Ph. D.

Over the course of human evolution, there have been many great teachers and many different approaches to teach us how to live an enlightened life and show us how to move our soul forward on its evolutionary path. And, while all were masterful in their own ways, none appeared to be as complete or as comprehensive as the esoteric teachings of the Twelve-Gate Mystery School, for the charter of this school was to teach Spiritual Alchemy...Science of the Soul. Through its teachings, rituals and initiations the students of this great school were taught the art of ascension and the mastery of stepping down. They were taught how to develop their spiritual nature, and how to raise their vibration so they could move quickly and effortlessly through the seven stages of evolution, thus strengthening their connection with the Divine Force and the Universe. They were shown how to live a philosophic life, meaning a life free from the mental limitations of the conscious mind, free from the thinking of group consciousness, and free from the opinions of other people. And, they learned how to create the sacred alchemical marriage between the Divine Force, the soul, the mind, and the body.

The Program

The Spiritual Alchemy...Science of the Soul  program offered by the Institute is bound by the same charter, honors the same sacredness, and upholds the same integrity of the Twelve-Gate Mystery School in that its prime-directive is to bring into contemporary language the wisdom of this great school's teachings. This program explores in-depth the principles and fundamentals of Metaphysics, Hermetic Science, Cosmology, Esoteric Philosophy, Soul Psychology, and Theurgy. We are excited to offer this new program. We believe you will find the information life-altering and personally liberating as you learn how to move beyond the self-perceived constraints of being human and move into the limitless realm of the Universe.

This spiritually expansive program consists of six classes. Each on-site gathering is a three-day intensive beginning on Saturday and ending on Monday. The content of the program is a combination of discussion, lecture, and experiential activities all of which are designed to show you how to lift the veil that separates the consciousness of the human mind from the consciousness of the Universal mind.
Focus of the Curriculum:
  • Metaphysics - De-Mystify what it means to be human and explore the superphysical fundamentals which support all that exists.
  • Hermetic Science - Identify your "perennial philosophy," meaning the code of conduct by which you are to live your life, and learn what it means to live a philosophical life.
  • Cosmology - Explore the Order of the Universe for the purpose of gaining insight into your "evolutionary mastery," meaning your universal contribution to the evolutionary process.
  • Esoteric Philosophy - Investigate the seven realms of philosophy and identify your "mastery of," meaning what you are to share and to teach others, thus assisting them in their evolutionary journey.
  • Soul Psychology - Identify your "mastery in," meaning what you are personally working on in this lifetime and explore the role of karma and soul agreements in personal transformation.
  • Theurgy - Discover the metaphysical practices of spiritual alchemy and learn how to lift the veil that separates human consciousness from universal consciousness.

Level One Class Topics:
I     Unlocking the Creative Genius of the Soul
II     The Sacred Self ~ The Journey, The Expression, The Work
III    The Light Lineage of the Soul...Realms and Orders of the Universe
IV    Bridges to Higher Dimensions of Consciousness
V     Spiritual Alchemy...Journey of the Immortal Soul
VI     The Alchemical Soul...The Philosophical Disciplines of Self-Realization

Limited Enrollment:
The number of students in this program will be limited in order to provide a more individualized and interactive learning environment.

Certificate of Achievement:
Upon completion of all six classes you will receive a certificate celebrating completion of Spiritual Alchemy...Science of the Soul, a program based on the original research of Carol Ritberger, Ph.D.

Cost is $395.00 per class. This cost includes tuition and class materials only.

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