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 Science & Art of Intuitive Medicine   
Science & Art of Intuitive Medicine
"The perception of allopathic medicine is that illness is the result of external influences such as viruses and bacteria affecting the physical body. The perception of hermetic medicine is that illness is the result of an individual's psychological and emotional state affecting the natural balance of the physical and energy bodies. The perception of intuitive medicine is that illness is the soul's way of bringing attention to the obstacles blocking the evolutionary process."
- Carol Ritberger, Ph. D.

Timeless Healing

By integrating the best of the ancient arts of healing with the latest discoveries in science and medical technology, there is an exciting opportunity presenting itself that can change how we view illness. The opportunity is to create a new model of healing - a model which will not only change how illness is diagnosed, it will change how illness is treated. Yet, if we were to look back into history, we would find that this new healing model isn't really new at all, but instead is timeless in the sense it begins the healing process where it should begin - with the healing of the soul. And, rather than seeking to relieve the physical body of its symptoms, discomforts, distresses, aches and pains, this model of healing seeks to heal the underlying root causes responsible for the presence of illness in the first place. The prime objective of this healing model is to restore balance between the body, the mind, the soul, and the spirit, not just cure the ailments of the physical body.

Throughout every civilization, there are writings describing how the metaphysicians, the alchemists, the hermeticists, the shamans, and even the great physicians of Greece would approach healing from a psycho-spiritual perspective, meaning they began at the soul level and worked from the inside out - out to the ailments and malfunctioning of the physical body. Writings by Hermes, Paracelsus, and even Hippocrates, considered the Father of Medicine, described how the healing of the body must begin by eliminating the obstacles preventing the soul from doing its divine work. All saw these obstacles as being unhealthy thoughts, destructive emotions, self-sabotaging beliefs, and unnatural behavior. All agreed that when these obstacles were eliminated, the physical body would return to its natural state of homeostasis and the individual would experience good health.

Through their individual models of healing, they collectively showed if true healing was to occur then the soul, the mind, and the body must work in a cooperative unified manner and the soul must be free to do its divine work. Their work showed, indeed, illness does begin in the spiritual nature of man, meaning it begins as pre-illness in the subtle, non-visible part of us that surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body - the part known as the energy body. Their approach to healing revealed that the energy body and the physical body were holograms of each other, so what affected one affected the other. It showed that curing and healing aren't the same, neither in their approach nor in their results.

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Soul Medicine

Intuitive medicine, unlike allopathic medicine, sees the soul, the physical body and the mind as being inseparable believing all are connected by a living dynamic transformational field of consciousness referred to as the energy body. Intuitive medicine sees the spiritual nature of man as being a hologram of the universe and it relies on this spiritual nature to play an integral part in the healing process. It understands if the energy body and the physical body are to be illness and disease free, they must work in a unified way so the soul is able to do its divine work. Consequently, intuitive medicine looks to the energy body for information and direction as to what's needed to help the physical body restore balance to keep it in good health. Intuitive medicine views physical functioning not only as a biochemical interaction between organs, glands, and cells, or as a reflection of the psychological state, but as an energetic dialogue between the mind, the body, and the soul. Its role in the healing process is to assist the soul in finding expression through physical experiences - experiences designed to move it forward in its evolutionary process. The prime-directive of intuitive medicine is teaching the patient how to eliminate unhealthy thoughts, release the emotional bondages of fear, and change patterns of behavior responsible for blocking the evolution of the soul. It understands the nature of illness is to bring forth the awareness that something needs to change immediately. The roots of this medicine lie within the great teachings of Hermetic Medicine.

The Program

The Science and Art of Intuitive Medicine program doesn't support one modality of healing over another nor does it advocate just a holistic approach to healing. What this program offers is a variety of perspectives that can be used to initiate, facilitate, and accelerate the healing process. We believe that all resources of healing should be considered and used in order to give the soul and the physical body what they need to restore good health.

The program looks at healing from the perspectives of allopathic medicine, bio-molecular medicine, subtle energy medicine, hermetic medicine, and intuitive medicine. It offers a different perspective into the nature of illness and teaches how to use the language of energy to disclose not only the origin site of illness, but how to use it to reveal the underlying contributors behind illnesses. This program explores how:
  • Allopathic medicine views illness in the physical body
  • Hermetic metaphysicians viewed the anatomy of the body
  • Greek physicians viewed the psychological elements of illness
  • Energy medicine reads the energy body to gain insight into the nature of illness
  • Intuitive medicine integrates all of these approaches
The Science and Art of Intuitive Medicine program consists of six classes, with three classes held each year in Northern California and in Minnesota. Each on-site gathering is a four-day intensive beginning on Saturday and ending on Tuesday. The curriculum of the program is a combination of discussion, lecture, and experiential activities all designed to offer a comprehensive picture of illness and why we become ill. You will also be taught how to use the Personality Body Mapping™ process, the Energy Body Mapping™ process, and Emotional Body Mapping™ process created by Carol Ritberger, Ph.D., based on her extensive research into the relationship between personality, chakras, emotions and illness.

Focus of the Curriculum:
  • Explore the different forms of medicine and look at how each approaches illness and healing
  • Learn about pathogens and illness conditions
  • Investigate the concepts of anatomy, physiology and pathology
  • Identify the impact personality has on the formation of illness and learn why different personality types are more susceptible to some illnesses and not to others
  • Learn the healthy and unhealthy mapping of the four different personality types
  • Learn how to use the energy body and chakras to identify where there is the greatest potential for the presence of pre-illness
  • Learn how to energetically look for the patterns of illness
  • Explore the relationship between compromise, resistance, stress and illness
  • Identify the psychological implications behind some of the most common forms of illnesses
  • Learn how emotions, attitudes and beliefs contribute to the formation of illness
  • Explore Hermetic Anatomy and Physiology
  • Learn how to create "overlays" to gain a comprehensive picture of illness
  • Explore the Alchemical approach to healing
Class Topics:
I     A Comparative Analysis of Medicine and Healing Approaches
II     Health, Illness and Personality
Includes certification to use the Personality Color Indicator (PCI)
III     Anatomy of Illness
IV     Wisdom of the Energy Body
V     Hermetic Anatomy and Physiology
VI     The Alchemy of Healing
Limited Enrollment:
The number of students in this program will be limited in order to provide a more intimate and individualized learning environment.


Participants in this program should have a general understanding of anatomy and physiology. While not required, it is recommended participants have experience in the field of medicine, holistic medicine, or be skilled in some healing modality. For those who want to use the mappings and teachings offered in this program, training and education in your field is sufficient. Participants whose background doesn’t include any healing modalities will find this program beneficial for personal healing and spiritual work.
Certificate of Achievement:

Upon completion of all six classes you will receive a certificate acknowledging you have completed instruction based on the original research and medical intuitive work of Carol Ritberger, Ph.D.

Cost is $1095.00 per class. This cost includes tuition and class materials only - meals and lodging not included.

Future dates and locations to be announced

For more information call Bruce Ritberger 530.676.3563 or email him at

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