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 Metaphysics of Abundance   
Metaphysics of Abundance
A Three Day Exploration into the Subtle Workings of the Law of Abundance
- Carol Ritberger, Ph. D.

In these changing times, where the energy of scarcity and lack charges the air, we're all searching for ways to not get caught up in the mental trappings they create. But, how do we do that? Think abundance. I know, I know. It sounds too simple or it sounds like a mantra that we would hear in a motivational seminar. But it's true. The way to move beyond scarcity is to think abundance. Why? Because in doing so, we will live abundantly.

Yet, abundance isn't as the mind envisions it. It's not the accumulation of things, but rather a mindset that harmonizes with the Law of Attraction. Nor is abundance attached to money, but it is attached to prosperity. Abundance is an attitude and a way of being that significantly affects the quality of our life. It's what turns every moment into a meaningful opportunity followed by a purposeful action. Abundance is about creating a successful life in a material world, yet not letting that material world drive our success. Abundance is the ability to connect with the depth of our own being and then follow the passions held within that depth. It's about doing what motivates us naturally and drives our actions rather than what we think we should do.

So what do metaphysics and abundance have in common?
  • Focus on the relationship between the inner and the outer, and intention, and attention.
  • Provide an understanding into the Seven Fundamentals of Prosperity.
  • Offer insight into Sympathetic Vibration and the role it plays in the Law of Attraction.
  • Explain that energy manifests itself in three forms, and how these three forms align themselves with the three forms of abundance - need, want and desire.
  • Teach that the mind is the guiding influence in all of our actions and reactions.
Join Carol for this fascinating investigation into the metaphysics of abundance. Learn how to use this knowledge to create what you desire, whether that is prosperity, good heath, loving relationships or quality of life. Recognize that abundance is merely one thought a way and you alone must create that thought.

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