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 Light Lineage of the Soul   

At some point in our evolutionary process, we reach a state of spiritual development where we seek to understand who we are on a higher level. When we reach this state, the "Who am I?" moves from seeking to discover who we are through our relationships with other people, to seeking to find the answer to "Who am I?" through the identities formed by our jobs or careers. However, whenever we can't find the answer to the "Who am I?" question through our earthly endeavors, our soul encourages us to look beyond our human selves and look to the stars, the cosmos, and the universe for our answer. After all, it is there that:

  • We'll discover the creation of all souls, the light lineage of our own soul, and where we'll find our universal home.
  • We'll remember the integral role our soul plays in the evolutionary workings of human consciousness.
  • We'll discover that our soul embodies the Solar Logos of universal consciousness and learn how that Solar Logos serves as the underlying force that guides our earthly interactions and attracts our earthly experiences.
  • We'll come to understand why there is an innate connectedness to deities, angels, fairies, elementals, animals, plants and minerals, and why we feel a deep inner calling to serve as stewards of Mother Earth.
  • We'll finally be able to find the answer that will quell our deep inner need to know that we truly belong.

This three-day class shares the esoteric teachings of cosmology and explores the deepest philosophical disciplines of Theurgy, a branch of philosophy which seeks to teach how to raise the vibration of the physical being so it may form a union with the soul, and then teaches how to form a union with the Divine Source of the universe. This class offers insight into the parallel dimensions of the universe and how these dimensions are interconnected by a hierarchy of energy forces who serve as the custodians of the wisdom of the Solar Logos. It reveals how souls came into being, how they evolved from light to matter, and how in the evolutionary process they refined themselves as they descended from the higher vibrations of the universe to the lower vibrations of the world of matter. It explores the seven realms of the universe and the seven orders within each realm, and uncovers the relationship all have with our soul.

Future dates and locations to be announced

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