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 Journey of the Immortal Soul   
Pre-Birth • Life • Past Lives • Between Lives

An Advanced Master Series Program

In our humanness, there is a tendency to see our life experiences as random occurrences and our interactions with people as more of a coincidence than planned. There is a tendency to believe that other people control our fate and that our destiny is simply a reflection of what we do and what we have accomplished or what we failed in doing. We tend to live from day to day, reacting to situations as our moods and whims dictate, and rather than thinking in lifetimes, we think in terms of events. Yet, even within the limitations of our human thinking, we're driven by an inner unearthly directive that serves as the catalyst, the driver, and the attractor of our experiences. This directive, deeply rooted in our human nature, provides guidance when we're lost; courage when we're afraid; comfort when we're tired; companionship when we feel alone; compassion when we're emotionally vulnerable, and offers the inner strength needed when the challenges of life appear insurmountable.

What is this directive? It is our soul. What is its purpose? It is to help us in our search for identity. How do we find it? We look beyond the obvious. Where will this search take us? It will take us to our soul. What will we learn? We'll learn that each lifetime is merely a refinement of the previous one, and that all lifetimes are a part of our soul's journey. What will we remember? We'll remember that our soul is immortal and that the journey continues even when we're between lives.

If indeed this inner directive truly does exist within each of us why then do we forget that life is a search for identity ? a spiritual quest of self-discovery and self-understanding, and the desire to know ourselves on all levels of our being? Why do we forget that our soul chooses its experiences as part of pre-birth planning? We do we forget about the sacred agreements we made with the people in our lives prior to our incarnation? Why don't we recognize them when they come into our lives? After all, these are the souls who lovingly and willingly agreed to be a part of our soul's journey. Why do we forget that our body is our celestial chariot and the vehicle our soul uses to travel this earthly plane? Why do we forget that life involves stepping down the wisdom of our soul into our earthly experiences and then ascending to our higher selves as we apply what we have learned from those experiences?

Why do we forget? So we can remember. Remember that:

  • Life is our school, and our purpose in life is to learn that all of our worldly experiences are simply a part of the journey in our search for identity.
  • Each lifetime is a new course of studies that calls for a mastery of certain skills.
  • Even when we return back into light, the studies continue as we serve as spirit guides for other incarnated souls.
  • What are seen as challenges are merely opportunities for us to grow.
  • The journey of the soul isn't one of suffering and disappointment, but rather of pleasure and satisfaction.
  • Life is offered as a means of self-expression, and will only give us what we seek when we listen from the soul.
  • We have a home of everlasting love waiting for us as we shed our body and return to the ethers of the heavens.
  • Our soul is immortal. Therefore, its search for identity is unending.

In this class, we'll explore the four different aspects of the soul's journey:


  • Soul Planning
  • Soul Agreements
  • Health Challenges
  • Accidents


  • Birth
  • Life Patterns
  • Life Lessons
  • Death

Past Lives*

  • Body choices
  • Lifetime selections
  • Purpose of those incarnations
  • Immortal memories
  • Soul recovery

Between Lives*

  • Realms of the Souls - Messengers of the Gods, Angelic Realm, Realm of the lost Souls
  • Soul Groups - Soul mates, soul clusters, soul families, soul companions, and soul study groups
  • Temples of Learning
  • Temples of Healing
  • Council of Elders
  • Service to the living
  • Connecting with the living

This class will be rich in both lecture and experiential activities designed to help you connect with your soul, understand your relationships, and discover your life patterns so you can end the cycle of soul fragmentation and soul loss.

$395.00 Includes class materials. Cost does not include travel, meals, and lodging.

Future dates and locations to be announced

For more information call Bruce Ritberger 530.676.3563 or email him at

*In addition to her PhD, Carol holds a certificate in Transpersonal Hypnotherapy (CHt) which includes training in Past Life Regression and the exploration of between lives regression. As a result, she will be sharing this information as well as what she learned in her near-death experience about the journeys of the Immortal Soul.

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