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 Frequently Asked Questions   
  • What will I gain personally from participation in your programs?
    The key to all personal growth and spiritual development is to, "Know thyself." Without a clear understanding of who you are, you are limited by the self formed by your conditioning and external influences - the self molded by how other people see you and by what they think you should be. You are limited to your false-self. The false-self is responsible for creating the mental barriers and emotional fears that form the distorted perceptions you have of yourself and limit what you're capable of achieving. It's the self that blocks you from realizing your true potential and prevents you from discovering your divine work. All of the programs offered by the Institute methodically walk you through a self-discovery process that makes it possible for you to meet your true-self - the self who is limitless and who is gifted with inherent strengths and talents. In addition, we teach you how to release the false-self by transforming and transmuting the old beliefs and patterns of behavior associated with it and teach you how to live a true philosophical life.

  • How will my life change?
    No longer will you see your life or your destiny as being in the hands of other people. No longer will you see yourself as a victim of circumstances nor will you be inclined to engage in or perpetuate submissive or disempowering behavior. The perceptions you have of your experiences will change as you realize all experiences, positive or negative, are part of doing your divine work, meaning all present the opportunity to learn, to grow, to spiritually evolve, and to change what in your life isn't working or serving you well. How you see your relationships and your interactions with people will change, meaning you'll see that they're an integral part of your personal growth because they offer you the greatest opportunity to bring expression to your divine work. You will no longer see yourself merely as matter, but will come to see yourself as light and energy. You will recognize you are never alone, but connected to all that exists.

  • What does it mean to become enlightened?
    To be enlightened refers to the expansion of consciousness and a shift in perception. Enlightenment offers different ways to see our life, experiences and situations, and changes how we respond to the challenges life presents us. When Edgar Cayce was asked this question, his response was, "Before enlightenment - one chops wood and carries water. When enlightened - one chops wood and carries water. The difference is before enlightenment, it is a chore and when enlightened it is a pleasure." However, enlightenment is not the end of growth, it is really the first awareness that we are a contributing part of a growing whole.

  • What is a philosophical life?
    A philosophical life is a life, which integrates the spiritual nature of who we are with the physical nature of who we are, thus changing the perceptions we have of our outer world. It's a life that brings us closer to the heart of humankind and removes any feelings of superiority over others. It helps us learn to value all things in their true worth and teaches us how to be patient, tolerant and compassionate, both of ourselves and others. A philosophical life encourages balance between work and play and encourages us to laugh, to find humor in what we do, and to commune with nature. It teaches us to see the beauty around us and within us. A philosophical life reminds us to appreciate the power of our intelligence, yet not allow that intelligence to rule our lives. It is a quality of life that encourages us to look to the subtle for our answers. It is a life through which we become worthy of happiness. It is a life conducive to good health.

  • What are the Laws of Good Health?
    Good health is result of the soul finding physical expression and doing so without resistance and compromise. Good health is not merely physical integrity; it is the vibrational harmony created when the soul is manifesting itself through the physical organism. Illness can be traced to unhealthy thoughts and undisciplined emotions. However, good health is not achieved by merely suppressing thoughts and emotions, but rather is achieved when the underlying motives causing a person to suppress them are revealed and transformed. It would be more correct to say that good health is achieved when the intentions of the soul are directed to constructive expression. Every person wants to express themselves and wants to share their needs, their feelings, their desires and their dreams and to be heard. When these opportunities don't exist, illness sets in as pre-illness in the energy body, and if left unchecked manifests itself as illness in the physical body. Every effort should be made to refine and beautify thoughts and emotions. Unhealthy thoughts and strong negative emotions such as grief, anger, hate, jealously, resentment, self-pity, and guilt must be redirected if good health is to be expected.

  • What is a mystery school?
    A mystery school is a school of preparation in which men and women are trained in the science of living and receive the preparation necessary for spiritual evolution. Mystery schools are the guardians of the Ancient Wisdom - a body of knowledge that creates the foundation for learning and understanding the process of creation, alchemy, evolution, ascension, and in the case of the Twelve-Gate Mystery School the process of how to step-down the wisdom of the Universal Consciousness into human experience. A mystery school teaches its students how to refine their thinking until they are capable of participating in the Ancient Wisdom and sharing that wisdom with others.

Integrating Esoteric Wisdom with Scientific Knowledge

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