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 Destiny vs. Fate   
Destiny vs. Fate
Destiny vs. Fate
Unveiling the Secrets of Manifesting
Three Days of Discovery

Have you wondered why some people reach the pinnacle of success almost effortlessly, while others seem to struggle to just make ends meet? How some people seem to live a purposeful and meaningful life where they experience joy in their work and pleasure in their existence, while other people find themselves feeling stuck, dissatisfied with life and work that doesn't work? Why is it that some people seem to be guided by an undeniable force that supports and guides them in fulfilling their destiny, while others find themselves being the manifestation of fate? If we all truly have a seed of greatness within us, then what stops us from finding and living that greatness?

Join Carol for this life-changing workshop as she answers these questions and more and unveils the secrets of manifesting. Here is a just a glimpse of what you will learn:
  • The difference between destiny and fate
  • How to identify which is directing your thoughts and actions
  • How to uncover your soul's intentions
  • The relationship between karma, fate, and destiny
  • The role freewill plays in the dynamics of manifestation
  • The simple steps that can transmute fate into destiny
  • The power of TACA and how it will change your life
  • How to create an action plan to live your destiny everyday
What you'll learn can be immediately applied to the manifestation of:
  • Money
  • Relationships
  • Career
  • Health

Future dates and locations to be announced

For more information call Bruce Ritberger 530.676.3563 or email him at

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