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 The Alchemical Soul   
The Philosophical Disciplines of Self-Realization

An Advanced Master Series Program

Growth is natural to man. In fact, it's the underlying motivator behind every thought created and every experience attracted. However, we are the only creatures that grace this earth that have forgotten this, so we try to control our growth rather than allowing it to unfold. Consequently, we miss the opportunity to learn from what our experiences offer, and instead of seeing each experience as an integral part of the process of personal refinement, we see it merely as a random act driven by the needs, demands, and expectations of the outer world. The continuance of such a perception causes us to remain trapped in the repetitious desperate cycle of trying to control ― controlling what we experience, what we learn, who we are, how we live our lives, controlling people and situations, and even thinking we can control time. The dilemma of such need to control is that it's an insidious mental and emotional cycle that blocks us from remembering that growth is natural and that it flows in us, through us, and out of us. It blocks us from remembering that every experience is another step in the alchemical process. It blocks us from remembering that this life, and every life before, is merely the journey of self-realization. A journey of living who we really are.

However, despite the fact that the workings of the mind are focused on the need to control, the soul is continually in a state of rectifying the distortions created by the mind and is perpetually restoring balance back to the body and harmony back into our spiritual nature. The soul, not bound by the workings of the mind, is forever attuning us for the growth we seek though a process referred to as alchemy. Alchemy, in its transpersonal form, is the disciplined process of self-realization and its purpose is to transmute the virtues associated with the need to control into the divine virtues that make it possible for us to live a happier and healthier physical existence.

The Alchemical Soul class focuses on the metaphysical disciplines of alchemy and puts into words the philosophical principles of self-realization. This class demystifies the alchemical process so you can realize that while growth and illumination are natural to your being, living an enlightened life is only possible when you perceive the reason for living. Where do you find this reason? Surely, not through the need to control, or the physical senses, or in the outer world. You find this reason through the dialogues you have with your soul. You find this reason by following your inner guidance and through the realization that the process of living shouldn't be directed toward material ends, but rather toward personal growth. Then what you'll find is that life produces the results you desire effortlessly. The topics we'll be discussing in this class are:

  • The Soul as a State Of Consciousness
  • The Material and Metaphysical Personality
  • The Alchemical Nature of The Soul
  • The Difference Between Inner Guidance, Intuition, and Wishful Thinking
  • Releasing and Developing Inward Perceptions
  • The Fundamental Principles of Alchemy
  • The Process of Self-Unfoldment
  • The Disciplines of Self-Realization
  • Self-Realization as Illumination

This class will be rich in lecture, ritual, and experiential activities designed to create the sacred space for the dialogue between your soul and your mind to begin so it may move you into the naturalness of your growth.

Future dates and locations to be announced

For more information call Bruce Ritberger 530.676.3563 or email him at

Date March 4 - 6, 2011
Time 9:30am - 5:00pm daily
Where Holiday Inn Express
4360 Town Center Blvd
El Dorado Hills, CA 95762
Room Rates under the name of Ritberger Institute

Sleeping room rates are $109.95 if you book by February 25, 2011

Hotel directions and particulars are available on

Cost:    $395.00 Includes class materials. Cost does not include travel, meals, and lodging.

Note: If you are coming from out of town, fly into Sacramento International Airport

For more information call 530.676.3563 or register online. Early registration is encouraged as this class will fill up quickly.

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