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 2012...The Rise of the Sacred Feminine   
2012...The Rise of the Sacred Feminine
Three Day Workshop

Can you imagine a time when there will be no more emotional suffering? Or a time when thoughts will no longer be rooted in fear-based consciousness or where greed and scarcity won't drive human behavior? How about a time when living from the heart will be the norm and where the energy of the Sacred Feminine will rule the thoughts, words and actions of those who grace this earth?

If you can imagine that these things are possible, then such things will happen according to the wisdom-keepers of the future - the Mayas. Through their time sensitive calendar, the Mayas foretold of a time where in thirteen short years the consciousness that has ruled the thinking of humankind for 5,125 years would change. They referred to this time as the age of enlightenment, and revealed how this emerging compassionate matriarchal consciousness would help humanity rise above the pain and suffering that has plagued its existence for thousands of years. They also cautioned that if we are to accomplish such a feat, then we must remove our energy from the collective consciousness, for without doing so, we will surely be swept away by the insanity associated with the fading patriarchal consciousness.

Join me for this fascinating three-day workshop as I share the wisdom of the Mayas:
  • Wisdom that parallels that of the Egyptians, the Sumerians, and the Greeks
  • Wisdom in alignment with the teachings of the ancient Twelve-Gate Mystery School and the knowledge of Judaic mysticism
  • Wisdom that reveals itself in its numbers and in the cycles of time
  • Wisdom that discloses the process of preparation, creation, and manifestation of the unfolding new consciousness
  • Wisdom that will unite us in the global consciousness of the feminine mind

And, plan to experience not only the excitement of looking into the future, but the hopefulness that comes when you realize that you are the future.

Cost is $395.00 per person. This cost includes tuition and class materials only - meals and lodging not included.

Future dates and locations to be announced

For more information call Bruce Ritberger 530.676.3563 or email him at

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